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17 dic. 2011

Vegeta and Bulma upset

Hi People again!!!
I´ve been doing anything relevant about my novel, my drawings and articles, but Photography in the neighborhood festivities... You`ll know about it soon, but in other article ;)

At this case, I worked a mini comic about these people. You know, as always, in an erotic theme xD, however, the story of this drawing was a simple draft about the Vegeta's body when I began to learn how to draw him... And before I done the comic mentioned, I realized about this abandoned draft and at least I also drew Bulma at his back, just like back to back... I didn't dare it because I hadn't have enough mental strength to make it, and nowadays I'm just losing the fear to make Vegeta... That's really good for me... It shows me again I can do other kind of character and style too :D

I´m proud of myself with each drawing I make... Because I´m recovering my trust about my drawing style.

 And, as you can see the white drawing, I´m learning and trying out the technic of color my little children xD.
Here below, you see the result I finished today at morning... I think it's good, but I can improve more, of course!!!!

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